1.) Cast-iron skillet: These heavy duty skillets can be used to make delicious meals on astove top, oven or campfire.

2.) Dutch oven: The Dutch oven is the camper’s crockpot and can be used to make wonderful one-pot campfire meals.

3.) Non-stick pans: Easy to wash and great for when you want to cook on your stovetop.

4.) Metal and plastic spatulas and tongs: One for non-stick pans, one for grilling/campfire cooking you know the drill.

5.) Ziploc bags: The uses for Ziploc bags are endless — from food storage to protecting your valuables when you are on a hike or enjoying water activities.

6.) Tin foil: Hunters meals, baked potatoes, fish, corn on the cob, etc. can be easily cooked on the grill with tin foil.

7.) Reusable tableware: Reusable plastic tableware is a must when you’re an RVer. It saves space and you won’t have to worry about breaking nice dishes when traveling down the road.

8.) Knives: To save space you can get away with stocking your kitchen with a chef knife, paring knife and utility knife. Consider choosing a knife that comes with a cover to protect them when not in use.

9.) French press: If you don’t want to mess around with a bulky coffee maker or campfire percolator, consider a French press for your next RV trip.

10.) Pie iron: Because they are fun and why not?