Holiday shopping is part of what is said to be the “most wonderful time of the year.” But for some, it can be a nightmare. The weeks begin to blur together and before you know it, the days left in December are dwindling and you still have a list of gifts to be bought. And we all have the final few people that we save for the end, hoping that the perfect gift will come to mind before you have to settle on a universal gift card that basically says, “I had NO idea what to buy you this year.”

Luckily, I already looked into all of the must-haves for that special RVer, traveler, wanderer in your life. Whether they are a techy, a camper, or just a lover of the outdoors, here are the perfect gifts in all price ranges that will have RVers jumping for joy. Put yourself in your RV friend’s shoes, and check out these awesome gifts and gadgets. Happy shopping!

1. LifeStraw Steel – Personal Water Filter

I think we can all agree that if there’s one thing in common about every single lover of the outdoors, it’s the fact that they need drinkable water. This tiny filter is ideal for all types of travel, camping, hiking, etc. It has a 2-stage filtration process that removes bacteria from up to 100 liters of water and reduces bad taste as well as organic chemical matter. It’s portable, small and one of the most talked about filtration systems of the year.


2. Lippert Components 360 Siphon® - Roof Vent Cap

For your RV users this year, the 360 Siphon® is the perfect inexpensive gift that eliminates odors from the source and exhausts them out the roof vent before they have a chance to invade the RV living space; who doesn’t need one of these? This hot second-generation item from Lippert Components, a leading supplier of premium RV components, is available in two colors and features an updated design to improve the ventilation process. It helps you avoid as much roof sealant rework as possible, ensuring the installation process is a smooth and easy one. Find a dealer near you


3. Rutland Rainbow Flame Crystals – Camping Fun

So how about that perfect stocking stuffer or gift just for fun? You should be buying these awesome flame sticks for all of your camping lovers! Just throw the tube in the fire for a color changing show to brighten up the night. It doesn’t harm the fire pit or chimney (yes you can use it indoors) and with how inexpensive it is, you can buy them in bulk and hand them out at any holiday gathering.  


4. Amazon Echo – Smart Home Device

It’s no secret that technology is advancing. So why not advance your RV/Motorhome along with it? Smart RVs are becoming a thing and the Echo by Amazon is a huge step in that direction. Available in a range of styles, the Echo connects to Alexa to do everything in your smart (motor) home or RV including playing music, controlling alarms and timers, answering questions, etc. This modern speaker if you may, is equipped to control as much in your moving home as you want it to.  





5. Philips Airfryer – The Original Airfryer

For those kitchen lovers and anyone else wanting to safely fry in their RV, the Airfryer is a perfect option. Aside from eliminating the calories from deep frying, this new kitchen gadget is versatile and just plain cool to keep around. The Airfryer is available at a number of stores including Kohls, William Sonoma and Amazon. Although Philips has the original, now there are many similar options, ranging in prices from $50-$200. But they all do the same thing; fry your foods with a push of a button without using anything other than air.


6. Denver Mattress Pad – RV Mattress Collection

For some, buying a mattress as a gift could seem over the top or unusual. Well, thank goodness Denver Mattress has an RV collection of more than just the mattresses; I suggest purchasing a mattress pad. Plenty of mattresses in RVs are low quality, uncomfortable and they can make or break the entire RV journey. If you know someone needing to jazz up their mattress without breaking the beak and purchasing a new one entirely, then a mattress pad is the perfect solution. 




7. Hummingbird Hammocks – Ultralight Hammocks

What is the perfect gift for anyone that simply loves to relax and embrace the outdoors? That’s an easy one. A hammock! Hammocks are showing up all over right now from campsites to beach resorts. This holiday season, you could buy someone a glorified nap session by getting them an ultralight hammock. These small packing hammocks are the lightest weighing ones on the market, and they come in a number of sizes with free shipping over $25 and they are even lifetime guaranteed.


8. All Things Etsy – Personal RV Gifts

I would go as far to say that majority of RVers are proud RVers. And around the holidays, it can be the smallest of gestures that mean the most. This year, explore around the RV section of Etsy for gifts such as a door mat, ornaments, kitchen towels or even baby onesies. Etsy has pretty much every crafty item you could think of, and you can personalize them for whatever RV family you have in mind. Give your favorite RVers a way to show others that they love to RV and they are some “happy campers.” 


9. BioLite CampStove 2 – Fire Charger

For the RVer that loves to camp as well as stay connected to the world of technology, this camp stove is way too cool to pass up. This miniature stove burns wood to create a smokeless fire that allows you to actually cook on it, while turning the heat into usable electricity to charge your devices. Talk about innovation. This newly upgraded version has more power, an integrated battery and an LED dashboard.


10. Furrion Portable Solar Charger – Recharge, Off The Grid

Last but not least, for the RVer that you want to splurge on, buy this 95W Portable Solar Charger from Furrion. Furrion is reinventing luxury living for RVers and this state-of-the-art folding panel kit allows for a total charge on the go. Solar technology is a growing industry in and of itself due to its efficiency and simplicity. This solar panel kit is easy to carry and store and is able to operate in temperatures ranging from -10℃ to +85