Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to have the best traveling expereince with the all-time best RVing tips. Have you ever wondered how to do something with your RV, camper, fifth wheel, travel trailer, etc.? Here you will discover the first 25 tips to help you have an even more successful and smooth sailing trip.

Kimberly Travaglino

1. Think like a traveler, not a tourist. A traveler sees opportunity for adventure around every corner, a toursit can only find attractions that are well labeled and come with a steep admission price. If you're in it for the longhaul, change your perspective and embrace a traveler's perspective. 

2. Learn to roll with it! RVing is a fun and adventurous lifestyle, but sometimes some things don't go as planned. 

3. Learn to wing it! Some of our fellow "Type A" RVers like to make campground reservations for every leg of their journey, but driving a fully self-contained vehicle with all the comforts of home allows you to discover some of the country's hidden gems. Relax your pace, and focus on the journey instead of the destination. 

4. Live like a local! RVing allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture. Throw out those guidebooks and start mingling with the locals. Ask the locals about great places to eat and for fun, out-of-the-box adventure ideas like lazy river tubing or sledding. 

5. Avoid the crowds. While it might be tempting to visit attractions like museums and parks on "free admission" days, you'll pay in lost time and long lines. The leisurely RV lifestyle allows us to avoid these days and visit popular attractions on their lowest crowd days. To save money, invest in a National Park Pass or a museum pass with nationwide reciprocity. 

Melissa Popp

6. Be prepared for anything on the road. A good trip can quickly turn bad, but the attitude you handle it with can save an otherwise horrible vacation and build lasting memories for your family. 

7. Invest in the accessories you need for RVing. As you travel, make note of what would make your lifes easier and make those puchases. 

Kristin Chapman

8. Bring your slow cooker along for simple dinners but use the disposable liners - makes cleanup after mealtime easy in the camper!

9. Add curtains to your bunkhouse beds and the kids will fall asleep faster with fewer distractions. 

 10. If your camper is not equipped with a battery shut-off, consider installing one to prevent battery drain. 

11. If you have manual-crank jacks, get an adapter for a cordless drill to make putting them down and up a inch. 

12. Consider getting an RV-specific GPS to use while towing to avoid getting in a pickle with low clearances. Best to measure and post your rig's overall height on a label near your dashboard.

13. In the event of a camper flat tire, your car tire's wrench might not fit the trailer tires' lug nuts, so double check that you have the correct gear with you. 

14. Have a list of items to check off before pulling out: i.e., antenna down, refrigerator securely closed, propaine off, wife on board. 

Julie Minne

15. Always be sure your fire pit is free of low burning cinders. 

16. Always try to dump your tanks before you travel. 

17. Always carry a checklist with you so that you can check off your "ready to go" items before you head out. 

Dalton Campbell

18. Always remember to use RV and Marine Grade toilet paper to avoid clogs in your septic system. 

Viki Brown

19. Leave the electronics at home, and enjoy each other and the great outdoors. 

Mary Wilton

20. When hooking up to any post or power source be sure to test the integrity of the power by measuring the incoming voltage and verifying the polarity of that voltage. 

21. To protect your RV investment, invest in a surge protector. 

22. Did you know that tires have a manufacture date on them? They're the last four numbers in the DOT number. The first two numbers indicate the week and the last tow indicate the year of manufacture. Be sure to replace the tires on your trailer or fifth-wheel when they are between five to seven years old. 

23. Did you know that the sun's rays can deteriorate rubber over time? Cover your tires when strong sun is present to prolong the life of the tire. 

24. Not everyone wants help with their RV. Always ask if someone needs your help. Do not barge in. 

25. Do not distract a person who is breaking down or setting up camp. Remember they may miss something important if you distract them. 

... to be continued.