26. Love the wild animals in and around your campsite? Be sure to obey rules of feeding animals. If wild animals are fed by you in your campsire, you may jeopardize their life as the next camper may have an issue with them. 

27. Speaking of wild animals, do not feed bears, and put your food away to make sure they are not attracted to your campsite. 

28. Be sure to walk your campsite first before backing into it. And, LOOK UP to ensure a branch or two won't become part of your roof! 

Debbie Hamilton

29. Be sure to have a "what to load" list. 

30. It's a good idea to have two people with a set of keys to the RV. 

Becky Phelan

31. Take a cordless drill and socket set. Make sure the drill battery is fully charged... and some duct tape. You never know. 

Audrey Trahan

32. Plan/reserve your destination enough in advance to be sure its available. 

33. Make sure your steps are folded up and locked into position before taking off. 

34. Use a water pressure regulator on city water, and be sure to take it with you when you leave. 

Stacy Schmitt

35. Utilize sway bars when towing. 

Dawn Hanson

36: Include rainy day options for entertainment. Books, cards, games, small, easy crft projects, etc. 

Debbie Dermid

37: Make sure to double check that your door handle is on. 

Alisha Howton

38: Do not leave your awning open while unattended. Trust me. 

Connie Brown

39: Check around your campsite before extending slides to make sure you don't hit anything! 

David Boles

40. Hide a spare foor key outside of the camper. 

Denise Brassie

41. It's never a bad idea to know the local emergency phone numbers at places you're staying. 

Sue Villarreal

42. Always do a pull test to make sure the hitch is locked in place. 

43. ALWAYS sweep the living area floors before retracting slides in order to prevent an object from tearing or ripping the floor. 

44. Always check that drawers and cabinet doors didn't open during transit before opening slides. Even if you only traveled for one mile. 

45. Check your tires each time you stop. It may seem tedious, but that routine may save you from a blowout. 

Stacy Schmitt

46. Pie iron, hot dog forks, and an over the fire popcorn maker are a must!

47: Put mothballs under your camper during storage to keep mice away! 

Diane Tullia

48: Pre cook and freeze some meals so that there is more time to enjoy the camping experience! 

Jessica Holley

49: Clothes pins have a lot of uses. 

Brooke Miller

50: If you're making corn on the cob on a campfire, leave the husk on, soak in water for a few minutes, then put directly next to the coals. The water will keep the kernels from burning. 

...to be continued.