Ryan McLaughlin

51: Be aware of your direction and the sunrise. Not everyone wants to wake up with the sun in their face. If you have blinds then it doesn't matter which way you face. 

52: Don't park on an incline and steer clear of being near the bottom of a hill or slope. These areas tend to have more saturation from any type of rainfall or extra moisture. You are more likely to get stuck in the mud. 

Leonard Boyer

53: Don't worry, be happy!

Sadie Bear

54: Don't forget to invest in a well-equipped first aid kit to take on your camping trip. Always have it with you, and make sure it is well stocked. In case of emergenmcy, you'll be glad you did! 

55: Is it a little chilly in your RV? Invest in a heated mattress pad. Simply turn on a half hour before bedtime, and relax in the nice warmed sheets. This can save on trying to keep the rig at a higher temp at night while you sleep in warmth. 

56: Got the winter blues and can't wait until spring to get back out camping? Stop whinin, and start planning! Winter is the perfect time to plan your New Year's trips and reserve those camping spots early! 

57: Always ask first if you can hang a feeder for the birds at your campsite. If the anser is yes, then get ready with your camera and enjoy the solitude of the early morning with the birds. 

58: Be sure part of your pre-trip inspection includes testing all of your tow vehicle and rig's lights, brakes, signals, clearance and four-way flashers. Also, test your breakaway switch for proper operation before you leave on your trip!

Jessica Holley

59: Get a small tool box and collect all of the "basics" - keep it in the camper at all times. Standard and phillips screwdrivers, duct tape, electrical tape, "gorilla" glue, scissors, sharpie marker, small hammer, small level, various nails and scres, WD40, bunge cords, cord, rope, etc. 

Sadie Bear

60: Camping with your fur baby best friend? Make sure their shots are up-to-date, and be sure to let your vet know of any new adventures in different locations that may require other vaccinations.

Emily Stahley

61: DO NOT take firewood with you. In many states, it is illegal to transport wood. 

62: Do not leave your black tank open. Only open it when you are ready to dump. 

63: Leave your grey tank closed until AFTER you dump your black tank. That water will hlep rinse out any waste left in your hose. 

64: Carry two hoses. One for fresh water and one for cleaning out your sewer hose.

65: When traveling with kids in a motorhome, be sure to check laws in the states to determine if the children need to be in car seats or boosters. 

66: Pay attention to all bridge and overhead signs. You do not want to hit any low clearance areas and risk damage to the RV. Know the height of your RV! 

67: Always turn off water when you leave your rig to avoid any leaks. 

68: Be sure to pay attention to posted speed limits and noise restrictions at campgrounds. 

69: Even if you have auto leveling, be sure to take some blocks of wood with you. You may need them if your site is off from side to side or front to back. 

70: Never raise your coach's wheels off the ground!

71: Be sure to perform your yearly mainenance before any big trips....even if it has not quite been a full year yet, but you are getting close to that point!

72: Be sure to close your windows before traveling. 

73: Be sure to distribute weight evenly while traveling. If you know you are heavy on one side due to appliances and furniture, distribute your personal items to the opposite side.

Jeff Curran

74: Have a tool kit for those unexpected small repairs that may need to be made. A cordless screw gun, appreciate drive bits, screwdrivers, and a socket set are good starters for building up your tool kit. 

Ruth Brinckerhoff

75: If you have a pet, leave a sign on your RV indicating that and maybe an emergency number! 

... to be continued.