76: Avoid towing in high winds. 

George Truman

77: To prevent the black soot from building up when cooking over an open fire using a pot or kettle, coat the outside of the pot with dish soap, and when you are done cooking, cleanup will be quick and easy. 

Kenneth Turner

78: Leave your site better than you found it.

Jessica Holley

79: If you stay in hotels often, collect the complimentary items (coffee cups and lids, wrapped drinking cups, mini lotions and soaps, etc.) for your RV. 

80: Roll your bath, kitchen, and beach towels tightly for storing - making efficient use of space in cupboards and drawers. 

Dawn Hanson

81: Be aware of sharp outside corners on your rig! And also the hitch, be it tag-along or fifth-wheel. Consider either using Fun Noodles or flagging the area. Help yourself stay safe! 

Joyce Danovi

82: Remember to tie your chairs down or lay them flat during travel to avoid them breaking or damaging anything. 

Scott Seggerman

83: A voltmeter is a huge tool to have on hand. Doesn't have to be the biggest on the market. You can usually pick one up for around $20. 

84: Be sure to check and change batteries in your smoke detectors on a regular basis. 

85: Be sure to wipe down your hydraulic jacks with extended stays. Be sure to keep free of dirt and debris. 

Brooke Miller

86: Having a hard time with your outdoor lights? Did you forget to bring a lantern? Point a head lamp into a jug full of water! Instant lantern! 

87: Use pool noodles or something to cover exposed wires and cords outside so that you do not trip or get tangled. 

Mary Manjeau

88: Take a cast iron pan, and if you have access to electric, an electric skillet. Foil pack meals are a go to because they are super easy to cook over a fire, and each person can choose what they want. 

89: Premix scrambled-eggs in a disposable container you can pour out of, like a small milk jug.

90: Bring a mesh pop up hamper for laundry. Takes up less space when not in use. 

John & Kari Hamp

91: When backing into a site, put your pride away and determine who gives better directions. Backing isn't the hard part, guiding someone is. I have a hard time trusting my wife's instructions, whereas she will blindly follow what I say. She does the backing, I do the guiding. This has prevented our divorce. 

92: For the manual rear stabilizer jacks, use an appropriatley sized socket on a cordless drill to quickly raise and lower the jacks. Saves time and energy. 

93: Keep elastic hair ties handy for wrapping around cabinet door pulls while traveling. Especially a cabinet with any glass bottles or glassware. 

Jessica Holley

94: Have a large basket with a handle for carrying your picnic supplies in and out of the camper.

95: Freeze some of your water bottles to use as icepacks to keep other beverages and foods cold, or even for minor injuries — and then you still have a handy cold drink when they begin to thaw.

Sue Villarreal

96: Wet dryer sheets removes bugs from nose of coach without scratching. 

97: Take the time to properly maintain your RV. Perform preventive mainentance as scheduled and winterize your unit properly. 

Connie Brown

98: Lower your antenna before you pull out of a park! 

Your Friends from RV Open Road

99: Read and understand the owner's /operations manuals for the uqipment in your RV. 

100: Relax and enjoy your time in the great outdoors and with friends or family that have joined you on your trip.