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Everything about the campground experience is amazing. The fun starts even before you get there, as you anticipate its amenities and the great people you’ll meet. When you cruise in, it’s a bit of a rush as you watch every head turn, all eyes surveying your arrival, checking out your rig and anticipating their new friends. You’ll see RVs of all types and sizes, and whether your rig is the envy of the campground or past its “use-by” date, the guy next door is a kindred spirit. RVs may be different, but generally speaking, RVers are pretty much the same. Kids readily take to each other, making instant new friends. When dark settles in and campfires light the night, there’s always an extra folding chair waiting for a neighborly visit while children chase fireflies.

There’s no shortage of help when you arrive at your campsite. If you need an extension or some other equipment, there’s always someone there to help. Afterwards, when you really start talking, conversation transitions from “where you are from,” to “why are you here.” And you hear stories from every stage of life, about the real needs that compel folks to consider RV ownership. Some parents want to build memories and traditions with their young children. Grandparents resolve to spend meaningful time with their grandchildren. Liberated empty nesters are fulfilling their lifelong dream to discover America. Other seniors regard RVing as a means to explore new places and meet new friends. The campground is a great common ground and each RV comes with a smile, an ear and a story to tell.


The freedom of RVing is easy to explain in terms of logistics. Everyone can understand that it’s the ultimate in travel convenience.No reservations required. No baggage fees. No schedules to keep. But it’s not until you actually do it, that you experience the feeling of freedom. That’s when you become you unplugged. Unshackled.

Whatever your passion, be it showing dogs, antiquing, off-roading, cycling, photography, hunting, you’ll be able to do it better, easier, more often, in more places, than ever before. And the more often you use those freedom muscles, the farther you’ll venture. Freedom is addictive. You pick the road and the adventure.

Great vistas fuel our souls. That’s why we stop at scenic overlooks. Taking all that in, standing in awe of it somehow settles a need deep within

us. RVs were created to serve that need — it’s a purpose-built machine with a lofty set of deliverables — beauty — peace — bonding — discovery.

Then there are joys a notch less noble, but still high-fiving fun. Especially if you’re a kid. And even more so if you’re a kid seated in the motorhome’s co-captain’s chair as you pass that eighteen wheeler. There are few road joys that measure up to when a kid prompts the big rig driver to blast his air horn, and he actually does!

These joys, all gleaned from that trip, made our family fall in love with RVing. It was a trip of a lifetime, but it did more than provide us a remarkable family experience, it also invigorated my business and impacted the RV industry. That trip forced me to use my product, and over the course of our two-week trip I came up with a laundry list of required enhancements. I noted everything that could be improved and conceptualized products to fill those issues. These product ideas, prompted by real end-user needs expanded my company’s product range and put us on a path for successful, sustained growth.

The impact of that trip on our industry was prompted by 10-year-old Lauren’s excited shout from the back of that motorhome. “Daddy, do we have to go to Hawaii, why can’t we just get an RV?” Her comment hit me like a lightning bolt as I thought, RVs are a truly special product and the best kept secret in the world. We needed to get this message of joy out to America. All the RV manufacturers, suppliers, dealers and campgrounds agreed. All the great leaders within the RV industry committed to the vision. And that’s how the GO RVing campaign was born. Visit for more information.

Tom FaludyTom has more than 30 years of RV industry experience, where he rose from the ranks as head of sales and marketing to president of an RV accessory provider and later became executive vice president of a Berkshire Hathaway group of businesses. During his career Tom served on the board of directors for the Recreational Vehicle Association, helped found the Go RVing marketing campaign and was inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame in 2006. He now holds various global board and consulting roles for RV manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.
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