10 Things We Learned at the 2018 Florida RV Supershow Day 1

As we kicked started the week at the Florida RV Supershow, we met so many friendly people, saw informational speakers, awesome products, and exlpored the area. Within the first day, we found a vareity of helpful tips. Here are ten things we learned so far at Tampa. 
  • Know your roof! Some sealants are only compatible with specific types of roofs. Check cleaning materials as well. 
  • Review your plastics! Such as AC covers and vents. UV protection is key to make your parts last. Do a stress test! Cracked or brittle plastic should be replaced. 
  • Use LP solution that won’t ruin your fittings when doing annual leak/pressure test.
  • If your propane detector is going off but you can’t smell anything, your detector is probably old and needs to be replaced. 
  • Never close up a duct on a furnace or you’ll create too much heat. 
  • Protect your intake exhaust from intruders! Bugs can create a big problem. 
  • A lot of people have moved to electric awnings, but if you haven’t, make sure to use awning tie down kits. Different awnings (acrylic or vinyl) should use different cleaning types. This will help you maintain your awning color. 
  • Use a dish scrubber or nail brush to clean your slide outs with hot water and soap. Be sure to clean your slide gears and friction points. 
  • Clean and lube your steps frequently, hot soapy water is best for cleaning. Spray fold points on manual or power steps if you’re getting resistance or opening and closing on a manual step.
  • Cycle your hydraulic jacks regularly to keep them cleaned and lubed if you’re parked for a long time.