Day 2 is in the books for the Florida RV Supershow! Today we went to a seminar and learned so much about what it means to be an RV Care-A-Vanner! 

Video: Habitat for Humanity RV Care-A-Vanners

RV CAVers travel the country and build homes with Habitat for Humanity. RV Care-a-vanners do more than 200 builds a year, that are run by 18 volunteer CAV with 2000 active CAV. Within the last 4 years the CAV disaster rebuild team has done 110 disaster recovery builds, with 705 volunteers and more than 43,000 volunteer hours. To give you an idea of how long a typical CAV build lasts is about 2 weeks, 5 building days a week, 6-7 hours a per day.

Did you know....

  • An average new home size in the U.S. is 2,324 spare feet. A 3 BR Habitat home 1,100 square feet.
  • Anywhere from 3-10 RVs are usually involved in a build, and everyone involved is an RVer on a typical build with one volunteer team leader. 
  • 600 pieces go into a Habitat home.
  • 40,790 nails go into each Habitat home. 
  • 50 gallons of Valspar paint is used for each home. 
  • Foreclosure rate of Habitat homes in U.S. is less than 2%. 

The typical RV team has 10-20 participants with at least one or two newbie builders. The work is not gender specific on build and you’re often working alongside the homeowners. The host affiliate typically arranges RV parking, which could be anywhere from a build site to a fair lot. The host affiliate also provides an on-site construction supervisor. The team leader is a volunteer position who organizes a team and timing. This person is incharge of organizational, administrative, coordination and liaison work for the team. 

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