“You want the RV, now what are you going to do with it?” - Bob Marx: Speaker at the Floriday RV Supershow

Here are the top 10 tips from todays seminar with Bob Marx: 

  • Learn to maneuver your RV in a parking lot (you AND your spouse). 
  • Test the speed for backing up, parking, turning, etc. Backing should be no faster than when you walk at a normal pace. Find YOUR RVs sweet spot/speed for a relaxing ride, time to react, and your best fuel economy. 
  • Drive with the windows closed so the sewage smell doesn’t circle back in your windows and stink up your RV. Turn the vents on!
  • Have a check list for the inside of the RV (have the doors shut, locking pins, etc) and another for hooking up the RV to get ready to go on the road. Use the same lists when you’re returning home. 
  • Is RVing safe? “Yup! Yes yes yes.” People have been doing it for years and many will say they have never felt unsafe in a campground. Locations can vary and being in the middle of nowhere or Walmart is a different story. You should feel good about where you’re staying. Make sure people know you’re there. 
  • How much does RVing cost? “It costs as much as you have!” Everyone is different than the person to their right. It depends on the level of coach resort that you stay in or camping in locations with very little costs out in the wild. Food is a factor! Are you Cooking at home or are you eating out every night? Another factor is how often you’re moving your RV. “The more you sit still, the less expensive it is”. Overall, Different lifestyles reflect your spendings. It depends on you. 
  • Full hookups means: Electric ✔️water ✔️and sewer✔️. The more you have the more you pay, but also the more convenience that you have. Are you at a campsite or in the boondocks? 
  • People that don’t know how to back in provide entertainment for everyone else at the campground! If you aren’t comfortable doing it, get a pull through spot, but expect to pay a little more for it. 
  • Back in using radios, backup cameras, and communication! Choose a partner to guide you that you trust and can rely on. Definitley use your mirrors. If you are outside guiding and you can see the driver, then they can see you. Don’t get in a blind spot. It’s a team effort to safely get it done. Keep the kids and pets in the RV until you’re completely stopped, or put them on a picnic table and make sure they don’t move. Below is a Digital Wireless Observation System  with a mounting bracket that was developed by Furrion. This system will help you see what is bedhind you at all times. https://store.lci1.com/dgtl-wireless-obsv-sys-w-mounting-brkt-camera-monitor-brkt-fos48tapk-bl
  • Radios can be your best friends. Below is a wall mount stereo by Lippert Components. It offers next generation two-zone audiovisual technology with Bluetooth connectivity as well as NFC quick-touch communication. You can nstantly pair your device and stream music wirelessly or experience DVD entertainment with amazing clarity. https://store.lci1.com/wall-mount-stereo-bluetooth-nfc-dv3100