I absolutely love making RV living a little easier with certain gadgets. Let’s face it, living in an RV full-time can be a bit unpredictable sometimes (especially if we are constantly moving) so having certain gadgets are helpful. It doesn’t matter if you live in your RV full-time like we do or you travel a few weekends throughout the year, I am sure the following gadgets will make your life easier too! Here are my favorite gadgets that help life go a little smoother while we are on the road:

Command Hooks 

These are definitely an RVers best friend! We personally use them to hang up pictures, our keys, and our sponges in the tub. The neat thing about Command hooks is they make them in all sorts of sizes and even waterproof ones. I have seen fellow RVers use them to hang up coats, purses, hats, scarves, and seriously just about anything you can think of! My best advice with Command hooks is to not hang anything on them immediately after putting it on the wall you want them on. Make sure to read the directions to check out the recommended waiting time.

Cell Signal Booster

Honestly, this is something we waited a little too long to get in our RV (seriously do not know what I was thinking!). We work strictly online, and I did not realize what a difference our WeBoost would make. The most recent experience I had with it was when we were in a very rural area where T-Mobile cell service was literally “No Service” and when I placed my phone right next to our booster, it went from No Service to 1 bar! I could not believe it because I thought if there was no service that was it.  When boondocking or camping in the middle of nowhere, the signal booster will help increase the range of your phone so you can have peace of mind, just in case of an emergency or if you are like me and need to have your phone available for work.

Electric Fly Swatter/ Fly Strips

I know this is a random gadget but we never know when flies will be out of control! Hubby can’t live without his electric fly swatter! He found himself purchasing this gadget while we were boondocking in Colorado where the entire fly population was basically living inside our RV! They swarmed inside anytime we opened the door, no matter how quickly we ran in and out of the RV. Fly Strips are also our best friend. We now keep them in our drawer just in case of emergencies because we just never know when we will need them.


This is GREAT for hanging up heavier pictures or holding remotes in place. I have seen other RVers also use them to hold their decor in place and not worry about everything moving during travel days. Velcro is great because they make heavy-duty versions for heavier items. Same advice with Velcro is to make sure you give it enough time before hanging something on it so that it doesn’t ruin it.

Pizza Stones

OMG this right here!!! I had no idea why everything I would put in the oven would burn. I figured it was because I wasn’t used to it, and eventually, I learned to use a timer and rotate whatever I was making every few minutes until…..My great friend Jenna not only educated me on these but gave me two small square ones that fit inside my oven! #lifechanging I had no clue that this would make such a huge difference. Now everything cooks evenly and nothing burns unless I leave it in too long, of course. Yes, these are needed if you plan on using the oven inside your RV!

Over the Sink Drying Rack

Ok, this gadget right here is not only compact but it saves so much counter room! We actually learned about this gadget from our friends over at Drivin’ and Vibin’ when they shared a video of their setup.  Before this gadget, I had a larger drying rack that took up so much space on our counter! This change not only saves us a ton of counter space it also forces me to dry dishes if there are too many and not have so much clutter on the counter. I totally love it!

LED Puck Lights

These are great because you do not need to be plugged into power to use them. The only thing with these is that they can go through batteries rather quickly. For this reason, these are a great gadget if you also get rechargeable batteries to go with it and always have batteries charged up as a backup.  Other than the batteries they are super easy to install just pull off the Command strip on the back side of it and stick it wherever you want! Easy Peezy.

RV Water Filter

When traveling in an RV, we just never know how the water will be. To be safe, it is a smart idea to invest in a water filter. The RV Water Filter Store has great products for everyone’s needs! We personally know the owners and they helped us get set up with exactly what we wanted and were looking for! Definitely do your homework, but I can assure this gadget will also give you peace of mind while you fill up your tanks with different water sources throughout the country.


I know there are a ton of gadgets out there but these are the ones we love the most and have helped make our RV living and travels go a little smoother. I would love to hear from you in the comments below! What gadget can’t you live without?