With National Puppy Day (March 23) and camping season fast approaching, I got to thinking, “WHY do people take their dogs camping?” Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog, and I consider her part of the family. However, she can be a lot of upkeep, a lot of maintenance, and honestly, when I go places to get away; I want peace, quiet, and relaxation. 

OH WAIT … I have two kids! What am I thinking?!?!? But, seriously. There are times that I just truly wonder how people can manage full-time, seasonal or weekend living in their RV with pets. My house is sometimes too small for all of us humans.

I reached out to some friends via social media and asked that exact question. WHY or WHAT do you love about camping with your dogs? Below are some answers I received, along with pictures. These answers helped me realize that just like my crazy kids, the poochies are a part of the family, too. Life wouldn’t be the same without them. SHOUT OUT to all those friends who gave me this content. You softened my heart a little more, and I am now looking forward to not only meeting all these dogs at a possible RV rally (if I haven’t already) but also made me look forward to the day I can get out and take our little Penny with us, too.

 “The thing that we love about camping with our pets….they are part of our family, and it is nice having them with us on trips….”

-Diane Tullia   

“They don’t call them ‘fur babies’ for nothing. They are part of the family. It’s fun to see them having fun.” 

-Rachael Wickery

“Our Shadow loves being with us wherever we are and she loves riding in the truck and going camping . This was taken with a work camper. She took Shadow for a ride in the golf cart…” 

-Debbie Dermid

“This is Frannie (the other Yorkie is Patron). She and our other Yorkie know when we are heading to the camper and they both enjoy sitting on the love seat and looking out the window. Their favorite time is during the golf cart parade when they get all their doggy treats.”

-Dan Collins

“This is Murphy. He is the best camp dog ever. Yes, he is a boxer. It’s amazing how many people say they have ‘never seen a black boxer before!’ Definitely leads to many dog conversations.”

-Scott Seggerman

“Arizona Annie Bear is my heartbeat. She is now a 5-year-old , old english sheepdog. Here she is in Arizona (“Snowbirding”…Or should I say snow dogging. Lol) in our Grand Design reflection, just after a bath! Amazing breed, in fact Annie is third in a line of old English sheepdogs I have had all my life. Paddington Bear was the first, Sadie the second, and now Annie. My world is colorful when I am near one, and the world goes grey without one near. They make great therapy dogs, and I have visited many a hospital and old age home with them. Can you imagine the kids when they see the fluffy girl! Perfect for RV life, as the breed can be happy romping about, but also a bit of a lazy lay around. Just make sure you have a little room for them to stretch out! Never a growl, the OES, or bobtails as they are called, act like puppies until well on in their life. The clowns of the dog world.”

-Mary Wilton

“My girl April comes to work with me every day and loves camping, too! Especially the side deck with her chair and blanket!” 

-Kyle Mueller

“Caroline Crow’s Liam. This way he can get a view of everything!!”

-Jackie Finnigan

“Here’s our Rascal. He sits by the door watching the people in the park. We love that we can travel and take him with us. Our new SolidSteps gave him a little independence, now he can go in and out by himself.”

-Joe & Sue Villarreal

“This is Flo. She is a 150-lb five-year-old Saint Bernard who is strong like a bull. She loves all humans….animals not so much. Because of this, camping is a challenge, but we keep trying.”

-Brian O’Rourke

WOW. What a way to end! Thank you everyone so very much, and even though it may be many, many years until I am able to get out and enjoy life in a camper, I am so excited to live my life vicariously through you all. Until next time, friends. Happy Camping, and the BEST is yet to come!