I don’t know about you, but I grew up hearing, “You can do anything you want, Sandra!” Year after year this is what I heard every grownup, Disney movie, and countless commercials tell me! I truly believed my whole life that I could live a retired lifestyle way before actually being retired! I attempted to follow the masses and go to school, get a job and accumulate vacation time until I woke up one day literally hating my life! I was tired of being told when to go on breaks, when to wake up, when to leave, and worst of all, when to use the restroom.

I have come to the realization that I am not the only “crazy” nomad around! After completely changing our lifestyle and not settling for the “steady” home in one particular area, I have met hundreds of others like us! I have had multiple conversations with my fellow nomadic friends, and we all have one thing in common; we realized that we do not have to settle down how society tells us we have to. 

The big house we are supposed to have feels more like a limitation to what we can do. We love to travel, connect with new people, become better versions of ourselves every day all while teaching our children by example. Instead of just telling them they can do anything they want and to NEVER settle, I find it way more fulfilling to lead by example and show them.

We have figured out that we do not need a house to call it our home. Our homes are full of experiences versus a ton of stuff that just weighs us down. We have a whole world to explore and having that big old house feels more like a weight over our shoulders, holding us back from exploring the beauty around us! 

We have come to terms with being true to ourselves and truly following our inner guidance system. We truly believe that life isn’t meant to be lived in just one place for some of us.  We can travel for as long as we want thanks to the freedom we have because of technology. We might be a “crazy” generation of traveling nomads, but crazy to me is a compliment. Those crazy enough to think they can change the world always do!

 I am thankful for being true to myself and for following my inner guidance system. I am no one special, just an introvert living in an extroverted world who decided enough was enough! I am here to live life on my terms and enjoy every second possible of this beautiful world we live in. I have no time for the negative and no time for regrets! Please do not settle for anything less than your worth! I hope you too can find the strength to follow your heart and truly believe that you too can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to!