WWOOFing stands for “Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms”

It’s like a dating service designed to match up: small organic farms that need help from people who are willing to provide labor in exchange for  room and board, and of course, the chance to learn farming skills. I would say, most “WWOOFers” aren’t RV-owners. WWOOFers stay in housing provided by the host farm. The majority of them are young adults who aren’t yet married (but there are exceptions).

Is WWOOFing for RVers?

WWOOFing can be a great fit for RVers looking to get out of campgrounds, build community, get their hands dirty, eat healthy, and learn some new skills. It’s especially great for RVing families. Kids can gain experiences and insight that no campground will ever be able to match. WWOOFing stays can be as little as a few days or as long as a couple of months. The farms can be crop- oriented, livestock-oriented, or both.

Our WWOOFing Experiences as RVers

Our first WWOOFing experience was on an 80-acre ranch in Texas. While not technically a farm, the ranch had large gardens, horses, and an AirBnB cottage. We spent a couple of months working on an animal rescue ranch, which was also in Texas. We didn’t source this gig through WWOOF, but might as well have. Our approach to finding it and the work relationship was the same. We learned a lot that we will apply to future WWOOFing jobs. Good luck, and happy WWOOFing!

Here’s how to find an RV-Friendly WWOOFing farm:

Purchase a membership

  • Use the Find a Farm feature
  • Select the number of visitors
  • Click “More Filters”, Find “Lodging” and select “RV/Camper Parking”
  • Select other filters as desired (kid friendly, etc)
  • Click “Apply Filters”
  • Get your results
  • Contact the farm to discuss your stay

Here’s how to let an RV-Friendly WWOOFing farm find you:

Purchase a membership

  • Click the Forums link in the top navigation
  • Select the All WWOOF Forum -Here’s our example

What We Seek:

We want to trade hours worked for an RV spot that isn’t in a typical campground or RV park.

Let us:

  • Help on your farm
  • Help with your animal rescue facility
  • Staff your visitor center
  • Present your educational programs
  • Help run your island lodge
  • Give tours on your restored battleship (hey, it could happen!)

We’re interested in learning more about:

  • Animal care
  • Gardening
  • Preparing and eating fresh produce
  • Alternative power sources
  • Hydroponics (anything under the homesteading umbrella)
  • How to benefit from the sweat of our brows
  • Minimalism
  • Non-suburban, alternative communities



*Blog post originally published on Ditching Suburbia's blogsite