Today I went in to the office. It was the first time I had been in for 2 weeks. I am pretty lucky that the majority of my work can be done remotely. I spend a lot of time on-site at different locations, researching and talking to people. I love learning NEW things. However, it felt really good to be back in the office today! While I was there I was able to catch up and communicate with a bunch of people I unfortunately had to put off until after the Tampa show. Ya ya ya… I know…. sounds bad, but I promise… they all knew I would not be available much until after the show.

The first thing I did was update some of my May events. At the beginning of May, I will be headed to Deer Run Resorts in Crossville Tennessee for a Grand Design Owners Rally. Fingers crossed, the Camping Connection team from Myrtle Beach will be there with me! I am so excited because it is such a laid back, relaxing rally with so many familiar and friendly faces. I get to stay on-site in a cabin, right on the lake. Ahh…. nice. I am looking forward to blogging and dogging it up out there!

The next Item I worked on was a possible Camping Connection Event in Myrtle Beach. Their kick off season is April 1. It just so happens that is when spring break is! Together we have put our brains together to come up with some awesome things to do, alongside Campers Inn and Lakewood Campground. Just gotta pitch it to the bosses and hope they like it as much as we do…. Being at the beach for spring break would not be too shabby… even if it means I have to spend it working. Doesn’t bother me any! I think I could even participate and bring MY dog!!!

Once I got those notes down from my head on to paper… I moved on to another on-site rally which is in October in Delaware. Apparently… this is the rally to be at. There are amazing accommodations and a…. TIKI BAR!!!  I am super stoked and hoping I can make that one, too. I can’t even imagine all the fun I will be able to have teaching people about our products and maintenance in some of these atmospheres! I have never been here… but here are sneak peaks at what it looks like!!!

All in all today was an eventful day spent in the office. Tomorrow I will keep working on more rallies coming down the pipe! I CAN'T WAIT!!! It is getting closer!!!!