RV Open Road has gotten a makeover, and we want you to check it out! Our redesign is easier to navigate, and overall, features a friendlier and more welcoming layout for our readers. The refreshed blog design reflects the fun, lighthearted feeling that we all get when browsing the site. We think you will agree that the updated RV Open Road website reflects more than just the RV style of living. Do you enjoy RVing? Camping? Boating? DIY projects? Well, the new RV Open Road site features categories for each of the recreational themes we know you love, keeping your favorite content relevant and at the ready.

You will notice the fresh inviting welcome banner as soon as you enter the site, with menu categories at the top to get you where you are going. Create a profile to customize and carry over your RV Open Road experience to our new mobile app, ensuring that your saved and favorited content can be easily found for later reading and personalization.

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We welcome feedback from you all, and if you look below you will notice a new comment section. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of the redesign!