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Q. What are the main things I should know when replacing my RV’s windshield? 

A. Not every auto glass shop, RV dealership, and/or body shop is equipped or qualified to install RV glass. Mobile service is commonplace in standard auto, but presents a challenge with RV glass. 

Q. Should I have my RV windshield replaced by the manufacturer? 

A. It’s never a bad idea to consult with your RV’s manufacturer for windshield repairs or replacement, but there are qualified RV glass service shops nationwide. I’d estimate that less than 10 percent of RV windshields are actually replaced by the manufacturer. 

Q. Where do I begin when I know I need to replace or repair my windshield? 

A. If it’s a covered loss (i.e. insurance or warranty), it’s a similar process to what you’d follow when you encounter damage to your car’s windshield or side wall glass. Typically, the back of most insurance cards will provide a process to follow when you need to replace or repair your RV’s windshield. In the event that your insurance or warranty does not cover the damage, you should contact the dealership or manufacturer you purchased your RV from. 

Q. How long is the process of replacing my RV’s windshield? 

A. This greatly depends on the situation and the extent of the damage. There are many variables that can affect how long it takes to have your RV’s windshield replaced. 

Q. What kind of glass is used for RV windshields? Is it the same as my car’s windshield? 

A. RV windshields are made with Department of Transportation (DOT) certified laminated safety glass. 

Q. What about side wall glass? 

A. Side wall glass on an RV is not the same as the side wall glass used on automotive vehicles. Unlike a car, there are usually longer lead times because many of the older units still on the road today have to be custom built as a one-off product. Also, unlike a car, the side wall glass is not bonded into vehicle. 

Q. Are there different features or “upgrades” among RV glass types? 

A. Duncan Systems and LCI have some very cool features for side windows. These features range from insulated glass to frameless and bonded windows and more! With new technology, we are experimenting with even more window options for shade and safety. 

Q. Is there a quick fix to repair or replace my RV’s windshield or glass? 

A. No. This is where people often get into trouble. Usually, RV glass that needs to be replaced or repaired has been structurally damaged or a necessary safety feature has been affected. It’s never a good idea to attempt a DIY fix when it comes to your RV’s glass. 

Q. How do I get my RV to the service center if the windshield is cracked? 

A. Since RV windshields and glass are DOT certified laminated glass, normally it’s safe to drive your unit to a nearby repair facility. More often than not, it’s the outer pane that is broken and will not pose a safety threat if taken care of responsibly and in a timely manner. But, as always, be sure to use good judgment when making this decision." 

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