Gary, I've just purchased our first coach, a used 28-footer from 2006. The unit is in great shape and I want to keep it that way. I want to clean the roof but have heard that you can't walk on all motorhome roofs. How can I tell if I can walk on mine or if I'll have to use a ladder all around the sides to clean it? Patrick H., (Denver, CO)

Patrick, quite likely all motorhomes today have a solid roof whereby it’s strong enough to support you during normal maintenance procedures. In fact, I can't recall a single manufacturer using anything but a solid roof, at least since the turn of the century anyway. If the motorhome is outfitted with a ladder, it’s a given that the roof is "walkable." A soft roof will show visible signs of rafters placed about every sixteen or 24-inches. If the roof surface on your motorhome is rubber EPDM, fiberglass or TPO, it’s safe to work up there. Just wear rubber-soled shoes and take care when using water or cleaning agents. And be very careful!