Here are additional tips we learned at the 2018 Florida RV Supershow.
  • Hookup tips: When hooking up, do electric first. Drive with a number of adapters so you can do everything that you want to do. Up next is the water. Hook up the water with the white hose (it’s better for you). And lastly, connect up the sewer hose with rubber gloves (stay sanitary!). 
  • Tank tips: Grey tank is the holding tank where it holds all the water for the sinks and tub. The black tank is everything that goes down through the toilet. They should be at least 3/4 full before you flush it. Do NOT leave the black tank open in order to ensure a “clean” pathway. Dump the black tank first and pull the valve easy on the way out so you don’t have a mess.  Then dump the grey tank second. In theory, that water is cleaner and it’ll wash the black tank contents down the drain. Use the tank flushers last. 
  • Fridge tips: Park with your refrigerator away from the sun if possible. Your RV fridge isn’t the same as the one in your house; Its an absorption type, not a compressor type. When it gets really hot, it won’t cool to the desired temperature. Precool your fridge! Precool your food and beverages! Put the food in your house fridge to get the temperature down if you can, you’ll save in the long run. Keep the RV packed. Take out the perishables and stock the fresh foods when your next trip is happening. It’ll make your life easier. 
  • Slide tips: Know what your manufacturing says for your slides. Level or deploy first? How deep are they? Check with your manufacturing to make sure you know what you’re working with. ) pull the slides in for disastrous weather to preserve them (dust storms, freezing rains, high winds, etc.)
  • Awning tips: Pull it in at night every night. Put your awning to bed first. Definitely put the awning in when you are leaving the site. What you’re doing may be working now, but you’ll likely have an issue in the future. Just because you have insurance on your RV doesn’t mean you should have to use it. Use swimming tubes to place on the sharp edges and corners to avoid walking into them and injuring yourself. (Like a swim float tube) 
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