Maureen Lohrey always checked behind her Safari Trek before driving off, and this time was no different. She walked around the motorhome and looked for obstacles. Then, she started the rig, checked her mirrors, backed up to give clearance from the vehicle in front of her – and felt her heart drop. She'd hit something.

“A car had pulled in right behind me as I was closing the door and getting into the driver's seat,” she said. “It was too close to see with mirrors. I was just so surprised because I had just walked back there and checked the space a few seconds before. I'm always careful, but it still happened. I'm just so glad it was a car and not a person. Unfortunately, an average of at least 50 drivers each week are not so lucky. That's how many children are backed over every week in the U.S., according to statistics compiled by, a non-profit dedicated to preventing injuries and death of children in and around vehicles.

It's statistics like these and stories like Maureen's that really motivate the founders of Furrion®, a company with a pas­sion for delivering safety-related products to the RV industry.

“Our approach to business is that we should always provide a service of real value,” said CEO Aaron Fidler. “And what's of more value than helping people to stay safe?”

“The camera is waterproof, low glare and the entire system is VibrationSmart™ and ClimateSmart™, which means it's been engineered and heavily tested to resist vibration and extreme climates,” said Furrion Director of Marketing and co-founder Matt Fidler. “And there are no wires involved. Its digital wireless signal transmits a clean feed over 100 feet and nothing can interfere with that vid­eo transfer, not static or anything else in the atmosphere.”

In addition, the camera is easy to install. Furrion sup­plies OEM partners with a kit that makes it easy with a simple plug-and-play installation in less than 15 minutes. “You pop the camera into the bracket, turn it on, press the pair button, the receiver digitally locks to the LCD display, and it's as easy as that,” Fidler said.

“There you go, you've got another set of eyes in a very important place.”

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Ty Adams
Ty Adams of has been a writer and editor for numerous RV publications for more than 10 years. He's also the founder of, a non-profit organization using RVs as a primary tool in renewable energy education.