When it comes to RVing in the winter, a lot of people choose not to because it can be challenging. Most RV owners I know either head south for winter or winterize their RV and put it in storage. What if you really want to hang out in the snow in your RV or have no choice but to live in a colder state during winter?

It’s not impossible to RV in colder states during the winter. In fact, it can be quite magical if you choose to have snow-capped mountains as your front and backyard. Based on our experiences, winter RVing can be fun, but it’s important to know a little bit about what you are getting into to avoid any surprises. 

Below we’ve compiled our 5 tips to help make RVing in colder states a GREAT experience.


Tip #1 - Get a space heater

Seriously, space heaters have been lifesavers when we’ve been caught in cold weather in our RV. Just as you would with a traditional home, make sure you understand the heating system in your RV. We found out the hard way that the furnace in our RV ran off our propane, not electric. Total newbie mistake. We had our furnace on 24/7 and ran through both of our 30-pound propane tanks in less than a week!

We thought something was wrong and that we had a leak. We even went back to where we filled up our tanks and the gentleman refilled them and gave us a huge discount stating that it was strange that usually our tanks lasted for months. After talking to him for a few minutes, he realized our home base was Florida, where we never used the furnace. 

So, while the furnace in our RV uses propane, the space heater uses electricity. Electric is normally included in your campground stay, and therefore, is less expensive than propane. We purchased our space heaters for only $15 each, and they heat up our entire home on wheels.

Tip #2 - Use the oven

Bake or cook your favorite meals! Yes, you read this correctly; cook something. The longer you cook or bake, the longer the warmth stays in the RV. There is something about cooking in an RV, you almost instantly feel the heat.

Time to bake your favorite cake or cookies and enjoy the warmth coming from the oven. Once you’re done baking, leave the oven door open and enjoy the heat. 

Tip #3 - Cover the windows

If you’ve noticed that the cold seems to be coming in through the windows, we’ve discovered a couple of ways to help keep the cold out. You can hang thermal curtains to help keep the cold out and the warmth in. You can also cover the windows with reflective insulation. Most brands of reflective insulation come in a large roll that you can cut to fit the exact dimensions of each window in your RV. 

Tip #4 - Put an RV skirt on your rig

RV skirting is designed to keep the cold and wind out, while also protecting everything underneath from freezing. RV skirts also help keep more heat inside the rig, which means you may not have to run the heater as much. So, RV skirting is a win-win when trying to stay warm in a colder state.

Tip #5 - Mentally prepare yourself

Tell yourself that you are going to be in cold weather, and then focus on all the unique elements of RVing in the winter. Not only is winter a beautiful time to RV, but there are a whole host of different activities to do during the winter months.  Following these 5 tips will help you better enjoy your time RVing in a colder state.


Do you have any tips for RVing in colder states during the winter?