We were camping at Grayton Beach State Park in Florida several years ago. This state park did not have full hook-ups, water and electricity only.

A couple from Montreal, Quebec, were camping across from us, and their black tank was full.

He did not want to move his trailer so I offered him my 15 gallon blue tank to dump into. My wife and I went bike riding and came back later in the afternoon.

Our neighbor came over to return our blue tank. I did notice that it was cleaner than when I gave it to him. He told me that he had not used a blue tank before.

When he pulled the handle to dump 45 gallons of waste into the 15 gallon blue tank, he said in his broken French accent that s*** went everywhere – on the ground, on him, on the trailer.

It took him three hours to clean everything up and finish dumping. He told me that he would not use one of those blue tanks again.

My wife and I could not help but laugh with him after telling us what had happened.

Ted Corley, Fifth-Wheel