Living in an RV and traveling fulltime usually means an income is necessary in order to cover daily expenses such as food, gas, clothing, insurance, internet, etc. Thanks to the internet there is a myriad of opportunities available for those looking to either have a job remotely or for entrepreneurs like us to use our creativity and work from wherever we are. Before we personally decided to travel fulltime in our RV, I was already working online, and 90% of my income came from my online business at the time. This is the reason we decided to take the plunge and travel the country.


Working from an RV takes a lot of self-discipline if you are an entrepreneur because there is no one there to watch over you and tell you what to do and when to clock in. It is very much like being an entrepreneur who lives in a sticks and bricks home. I’d have to say, the biggest difference is that my view is constantly changing. Sometimes my view is the majestic scenery of the Badlands in South Dakota or the beaches in sunny Florida. 

Most of the fellow nomads I have met that have a remote job have a clock in and clock out system to keep track of their time. They all say the same thing: they love working remotely and having freedom from a traditional office and not having to deal with traffic. I have a great friend from More Than A Wheelin’ who helps connect anyone seeking to work remotely with remote jobs.  She is a great resource if remote work is what you are looking to do.

I have also met a lot of Work Campers who move around from campground to campground where they are either hosts, maintenance staff or have a mix of job titles and responsibilities. Work Campers sometimes work in exchange for a free campsite plus pay or even just for a free site. In some cases, they pay a very small fee for their site on a monthly basis while also receiving pay. Every job is a little different and depends on the campground. If you Google ‘work camping’ you will find a ton of resources for this.

The biggest necessity when working from an RV is the internet. Last month, we tried out an unlimited AT&T plan, and so far, it seems to have been the best option we’ve tried out. At one point we had a hotspot that had 3 different provider options, and it was okay, just not extremely fast but still allowed us to get our work done. We chose to cancel that option recently because we were looking for faster speeds. When we are at a campground we sometimes purchase their internet option if we are planning to be there long enough.

Something that I have learned over the last 2+ years of working from the road is to travel slowly. Travel days are usually unproductive when it comes to work because we are filming, enjoying the ride and by the time we stop I am too exhausted to fire up the laptop and work. Sometimes I do if I have a deadline to meet, but I try to avoid doing this. Setting up and breaking down even for an overnight stop requires work. When we travel to places such as the Grand Canyon, we give ourselves enough time to have a few stops along the way that are more than one night and close to our route. That way I do not get behind on work.

Do you have an office space in your RV?

We personally do not have a dedicated office space. We work from wherever we are feeling our most creative that day.  We are not much for having the same schedule every day. Sometimes we work from our dining room table, the couch, the toy hauler area, outside or even from the comfort of our bed. It really varies with our mood for the day and the type of work we are doing that day. 

I know this doesn’t work for everyone. Some people thrive on having a dedicated workspace, and boy, have I seen pictures of other RV offices and they are fabulous! There are some extremely creative people out there! Luis does love the idea of having a dedicated workspace but maybe in the future we will create one in our RV.

The important thing is to do what feels right for you and do what makes you feel good. There truly is no right or wrong way to work from the road. The reason we chose to live and travel in an RV was to enjoy life more, live more intentionally, and create more memories as a family. It is totally possible to integrate both work and fun while on the road.

I would love to hear from you! Please comment below about your work life on the road or your plans for working on the road once you begin your nomadic RV journey.